• So I wasn’t ready last week, but I am now. Pretty sure Baby has dropped. And the intermittent contractions… just ready to meet this little one. I have packed my bag now, so I’m pretty ready.  Oh and my post-natal massage has been paid for… so just waiting on the little one. Although Maria thinks she should get to decide with the baby when we go to the hospital…
  • Discovered Maria won’t come out of her room at night after we put her to bed, but she is definitely getting out of bed. We’ve discovered her door open wide and different things in her room… not sure how much we fight this. She’s still hanging out in her dark room… unfortunately yesterday she didn’t want to get up when Chad woke her and then cried after he dropped her off at daycare.
  • Work is going well.  But since December I’ve been doing all these small projects (a week or less) so it’s hard to start something knowing I might not be back the next day.
  • Also sick of all the things I haul back and forth every day. Since this is a contract position, I doubt I will be back here after my maternity leave, so I take my notebooks and coffee mug and everything home every night. Then bring it back the next day.  As if I’m not carrying enough every day!
  • I have a dr. appt this afternoon.  I hope she tells me to go straight to the hospital and have this baby!  But I’m not too hopeful on that one! 🙂 
  • This morning while I was eating breakfast, I heard Maria yell from her room. Chad (who had the monitor) told me later that she said: “Mommy, is it wake up time?  I want to eat Fruit Loops.”  But luckily she seemed to go back to sleep or at least was quiet shortly after.

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