Froggy Gets Dressed

Maria and I went to the library a few weeks ago and came home with the book, Froggy Gets Dressed, by Jonathan London. 

It was just a random book that I thought looked appropriate for her age.  She LOVES this book. Not looking forward to returning it.  I think it was about a week before she pretty much knew it cover to cover!  Love hearing her reading the book to herself or with Chad. 

So I highly recommend* checking it out for your toddler-preschooler. I’m looking forward to reading more Froggy books with her.

*I will warn you that in the story his mother tells him to back to bed and he instead gets up and goes outside 3x… there was one negative review about that on, but in the end he learns his lesson and I don’t think we can blame Maria’s not listening to this book.

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