Being the Big Sister

Maria is starting to settle in to her role as big sister.  I’m not going to lie. It was rough at first.  She was so excited at the hospital when she realized I got my lap back (!) but not excited at home when Charlie was monopolizing it while eating!

After the first day she went back to daycare, she came home and wanted nothing to do with Charlie or Daddy. She wanted to play with me only and shut the door to keep the others out.  It was horrible.  It didn’t help that my hormones were out of control and I could just see how sad my little girl was.

As the days have gone by (and since Daddy can now feed Charlie – and Maria can even help) she is starting to warm up to him.  In fact this morning, she asked Daddy if he would take her and Charlie to a Packer game (I only instigated this by telling her that Chad wanted to take her to a Twins game, and she asked instead to go to a Packer game).  Chad told her that Charlie wasn’t a Packer fan, but that he was a Vikings fan (Booo, Daddy!!!) She insisted on asking Charlie herself and reported back to us that Charlie said he liked the Packers!  (Yay, Maria!!!)

We have also welcomed 2 guests into our house.  Loni & Minnie (imaginary friends) came home from daycare with Maria last week for the first time.   Luckily there were 2 empty seats in the Corolla when I picked her up that day!  They also take baths, eat snacks, go to Target and participate in many activities with us!

Maria has also started collecting rainbows and sunshine. She catches them through the window at daycare and brings them home in her pocket. She also steals the rainbows from another little boy at daycare and makes him cry…  She has quite the imagination and doesn’t even like to share her pretend rainbows… yikes!

All in all, she is adjusting well.  And proving to be an impressive big sister!

Her Pack-Back

New Potty Seat

One thought on “Being the Big Sister

  1. Good luck with the adjustment! It sounds like Maria is becoming an awesome big sister. That’s so cute about the rainbows, sunshine, and imaginary friends 🙂 Pretty soon she won’t even remember life before her little brother 🙂

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