Settling In With Charlie


We have now been home from the hospital for 10 days.  It’s just slipped right by and as much as I’m looking forward to sleeping again at night, I hate how fast my days with Charlie go by!

Although this time around seems easier with baby #2, it’s mostly due to our experiences with Maria.  Last Monday we had a home visit with a nurse who weighed Charlie.  He had been extremely fussy the day before, and I was wondering if it was something I ate affecting his tummy via breastmilk… Nope. after weighing him, it was pretty clear he was underfed, possibly de-hydrated.  We started him on a bottle of formula just minutes later.  With Maria we were over 5 weeks in before we switched to formula and realized how much happier a well-fed baby is!

Tuesday, we headed to the doctor where his weight had completely rebounded in a single day!  But he was jaundiced so we had to keep up with the formula and return later in the week. When we returned on Friday his weight was up even more and the doctor didn’t even draw blood because he looked so good to her!  yay!

Each day that goes by, I enjoy my little Charlie even more.  We all like to cuddle up with him, although he spends his nights sleeping in his bassinet these days instead of with me in the recliner like he did the first couple nights.

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