Getting in the Groove

Slowly and surely, we are getting in a groove. We are figuring out Charlie’s needs… although still figuring out what diapers and formula work for him!  And he is growing like crazy!  Maria is adjusting well too. She is more willing to go to daycare in the morning and definitely learning to be more independent at home as well, although would prefer her to be using the potty again. I struggle with the negative attention, because she will do anything for any type of attention!

Charlie also has been struggling with a stuffy nose the last few days, so working through that too.  All in all, I think we are doing as well as a household with a 3 week old and 2.75 year old can be doing! 🙂  Tomorrow I am keeping Maria home to take her on a playdate, so wish me luck on that one! 🙂  I think it’ll be fine. Playdate in the morning, and naps in the afternoon… then it’s just a couple of hours on my own.  And if I need it, I have a Dora video from the library!

Mommy's Helper

Jumping in Mud Puddles


Sister & Brother

2 thoughts on “Getting in the Groove

  1. Remember these pictures! I have baby pictures from both Brooke and Mason and I can’t tell them apart. I have to look at the cloths and blankets surrounding them to figure out when it was or see the season they are in! It gets harder after a couple of years!

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