One Month Old

Our little Charlie is one month old!


On Wednesday, he weighed in at 11 lbs!  His feedings, naps, fussiness and other bodily functions are starting to get predictable, which is nice and makes planning outings a little easier.

I think he is also on the verge of full on smiles. He is definitely starting to recognize our faces. He also appreciates time on the play mat or blanket so he can stretch!  Sometimes stretching out is the perfect solution for fussiness!

His big sister is also starting to come around and appreciate him more. She is also starting to be a little more understanding that he sometimes needs more attention.  Unfortunately for Maria she came down with a stomach bug on Friday. Chad & I are now just waiting and hoping the rest of us don’t get it!  But we aren’t getting ahead of ourselves, because all of the kids at daycare have it and gave it to most of their parents! 😦

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