Maria’s Flower Garden Project

A couple weeks ago, Maria, Charlie and I spent a fun day at a friend’s house doing lots of activities including a fun friend flower project. Since Maria loves projects (mostly because her Grandma bought her a bunch of princess glue sticks) we decided to do the project at home and make a garden of flowers with her cousins’ (and friend Lilah’s) pictures!

First we cut our pictures into 3″ circles and then cut out the flowers from construction paper. (I made this template and then printed it directly onto my construction paper)

Next, Maria used her glue sticks to glue the pictures to center of back flower.

Flower Project

She then glued the front flower on.

Flower Project

Decorated with glitter glue.

Flower Project

She was pretty proud of her project, but she lost interest while they were drying, so I finished by painting craft sticks green (although you can buy already colored sticks), and adding the sticks and leaves!

Flower Project

Flower Project

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