Welcome Spring!

What a beautiful weekend!!  We spent some good time outdoors and had a lot of fun!

Maybe too much fun as Maria hated her bath and opted to go to bed without stories at 6:30 this evening instead of taking a bath! Yikes!

But yesterday, we went to a new park! Lots of fun and big enough that Maria wasn’t crowded by the other kids! After the park we went to the Dairy Queen!  Yay, Ice Cream!

At The Park

At The Park

Today, we were up and made pancakes. Maria and Daddy snuggled up with some Mickey Mouse for a little bit this morning.  Maria and I also made a run to Target.

We had Mac N Cheese and hot dogs for lunch. After naps, Charlie & Dad watched golf, while Maria & I headed outside.  We played with her toy house.  She wanted to pretend it was night night time, and had lots of rules for me such as “You need to be quiet until it’s wake up time”.  I however, asked for water and music and for the door to be left open a little bit!

I also bought Maria a toy camera at Target today, so we had a bit of a photo shoot before preparing dinner on the grill – Teriyaki Pork Kabobs.  Post-dinner we started meltdown mode. I’ll leave off there!

Camera Fun

Camera Fun

Camera Fun

Camera Fun

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