I was "that" mom

I can not remember the last time I went to the grocery store (not Target) on a Sunday afternoon.  It was busy! And then to top it off and to keep things interesting for Maria I took her to one I don’t go to a lot.  AND then she was definitely acting her age!

I was “THAT” mom. You know the one who blocks traffic in the aisle because her kid is busy crawling out of the car (attached to the cart) while the cart is moving. The one whose kid is begging for snacks.  The one who has to high-tail it to the front of the store and temporarily abandon the cart (with much frozen food in it) because the kid decided she needs to go potty when I am in the back corner of the store. And then when the lines were long, the one who attempted the self-checkout lane.  The same check-out lane that requires an attendant to punch in a secret code every time extra weight in the bagging area is detected.  Which happened several times because the kid kept using the bagging area as a handle while she climbed in and out of the car cart.

Yeah, I was “that” mom.  I doubt this will be the last time either.  Next time I might be “that” mom with 2 kids along!

One thought on “I was "that" mom

  1. I’m that mom all the time, so I always go shopping super early when no one else is awake. That way I’m not getting in anyone else’s way (but more importantly, no one is getting in mine).

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