Wrapping Up

This has been my last week of maternity leave and it has been crazy crazy busy! So Busy that I’m just downloading pictures from my camera to computer from Maria’s party last Saturday!   So a recap of the week – pictures to follow later…

Saturday – a great day for a birthday party!  Minnie Mouse cake and a Stick the Nose on Minnie game!  Guest list included all Maria’s cousins plus a few friends.  Both sets of grandparents and her great-aunt Marilyn who flew in from Chicago for the event!  Yay!

Sunday – hanging out with grandparents and Aunt Marilyn – playing with toys.  showing us that she knows how to write her name on her new chalkboard (we had no idea!) and then trying to write Charlie’s!  a walk to the park where we unsuccessfully tried to fly her kite, and by we, I mean Chad & I, because she got distracted by swings.

Monday – Charlie and I ran errands.

Tuesday – Maria’s birthday!  We opened presents and then went to the gas station for donuts (because that’s where she wanted to go for donuts).  Then off to the Mall of America to get her free Nickelodeon Universe wristband.  She went on a bunch of rides. Unfortunately her cousin got sick and wasn’t able to join us, but Maria still had a blast with good old Mom & Dad!

Wednesday – The errand day from H-E-….  Maria’s first dentist appointment which wasn’t great.  even though it is a pediatric office, they managed to scare her with pictures of teeth with holes in it, and by lecturing her about sucking her thumb  (this girl LOVES her thumb).  They also talked to me like she wasn’t in the room… sure that would work with Charlie, but nothing gets by Maria. Then she had to wait 20 min between getting her teeth cleaned (after being lectured) and seeing the actual dentist. Ummm… not a good idea when you’ve just scolded a 3 year old.  Apparently they haven’t worked with smart 3 year olds before?   Needless to say we won’t go back there and already have several recommendations for next time.  Charlie had his last chiropractor appointment after that.   Then we stopped at the mall to pick up a Minnie doll in attempt to lure Maria’s lovey (thumb-sucking companion) away.  Next we came home but immediately had to go back out to buy new locks for our new front door which was installed while we were out.  Next Maria’s 3 year wellness appt – which went great! Love our pediatrician.  Then we met up with friends to celebrate Maria and Annabel’s birthday at the park.  Busy Busy Busy!

Thursday – Charlie and I stayed home. We did run out for formula and a few things in the afternoon, before picking Maria up from daycare.  Maria and I also finally got to play with some birthday presents including Candyland (the Dora version) and Uno Moo.

Friday – We went to the YMCA in the morning. Maria cried in KidStuff while I had a short workout.  Then we headed to Hudson to visit Sarah & Lilah.  Took us longer than planned to get there, because of fussy baby, road construction and unplanned potty stops…  coming home we had the same obstacles! 🙂

This weekend – I hope to get the house somewhat cleaned up and maybe some meals planned.  Although next week, I start back on the bench (meaning I get paid, but don’t have a contract or client to go to) – definitely not a bad way to ease back into things.

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