Maria’s 3rd Birthday

So can’t believe my little girl is 3 already!  She is so not a toddler anymore, but all girl!

Things she loves right now:  helping(!), being outside, games (especially Candyland and Chutes & Ladders), imagining she is Katelyn (Charlie is Simba, I am Alice and Daddy is “Grumpy Old Troll”), Minnie Mouse, Dora, butterflies, writing and spelling, the park, the mall, swimming lessons, playing with friends and spending time with Mommy, Daddy & Charlie.

We had a big party for Maria last weekend with all her cousins and friend Lilah (plus a bunch of adults – family and friends)  Good time! We had a purple Minnie Mouse cake and played pin the nose on Minnie Mouse.  Plus just a lot of running and playing with cousins.

On Maria’s actual birthday, the whole family went to the Mall of America and Maria got to go on a lot of rides!  We also planted flowers and played outside a little.  The day after Maria’s birthday we celebrated at a park with her friends Gracey & Annabel (Annabel turned 2 on Thursday) so we had cupcakes with them (and some other kids who came over when the cake came out!)

It was a good week!

Maria's 3rd Birthday Party
party with all the cousins!

Singing Happy Birthday
purple Minnie Mouse cake!

Maria's 3rd Birthday Party
Grandma and Charlie

Her Birthday Morning
a Singing Dora card!

Nickelodeon Universe
rides at Nickelodeon Universe!

More pictures!

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