Memorial Day Weekend

We had a nice Memorial Day weekend.  Although can’t believe it was 4 days ago already!  The weeks fly by with commute, work, commute, feed kids, bathe kids and put kids to bed… hardly time to play or catch up with other things!

But enough belly-aching about my post-maternity-leave life! 🙂

Last weekend, we had swimming lessons on Saturday. Grandpa & Grandma came to watch Maria and then came over. That afternoon, we all went to the mall to get Grandpa & Grandma on our wireless plan.  Those things always take longer than you would think!

On Sunday, I went to the ‘Y’ with both Maria and Charlie.  Maria always talks like she’s going to love KidStuff until I drop her off, and then she gets a wee-bit clingy and cries a lot!  Of course when I pick her up 30 minutes later, she is usually working on coloring a picture and it’s not pretty enough to leave yet!

On Monday, we spent the day at Chad’s brothers house. The day included a trip to Teddy Bear park, grilling out, and lots of playing!

Just a few pictures from the weekend…


Mmmm... mustard?

At Teddy Bear Park

At Teddy Bear Park

More Pictures from Teddy Bear Park

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