Sesame Street Magazine

At Maria’s 3 year wellness checkup, the nurse gave me a bunch of papers with some good information about being 3!  One of the papers was information about reading with your 3 year old and it suggested a children’s magazine being a good way to encourage reading.  Plus kids love getting mail!

When I was little, I pretty much always had a magazine subscription starting when I was preschool age with Sesame Street magazine.  (My brother got the Electric Company magazine)  I loved having my very own magazine…  And when I went to look it up, I discovered the magazine is not distributed via mail anymore, but electronically.   And it’s free!

I printed off Maria’s first copy the other night!  And stapled it all together. She was so excited to have a magazine of her own that she could color in and look at!

Download the latest issue here.  And if you want an email when the newest one is available, sign up here!

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