4 Months Old

Charlie turned 4 months old on Friday.

Charlie's Johnny Jumper

He is growing up so fast… growing like crazy. Wearing size 9 month-12 month clothes. And has the most adorable chubby legs. Charlie also is developing quite the personality just in the last few weeks. He loves to grab anything he can get his hands on and put things in his mouth.  Two weeks ago he slept through the night 3 times. This past week he was back to getting up twice a night.  (This on top of crazy busy-ness at work makes a very tired Mommy!)

He loves attention and when he gets a bit fussy, a smile and some conversation often results in smiles that will melt your heart every time.  Of course, he has fussy moments where NOTHING will calm him and with the massive amounts of drool we are seeing we suspect some teeth.  Of course teething tablets help sometimes too which only confirms are suspicions.  It’s amazing how fast he can go from screaming to happy again.

Of course he is mostly a good baby and we can’t imagine life without him any more!

One thought on “4 Months Old

  1. Hi Jane….Charlie is so cute! We think we looks just like his Dad, but I do see you in him as well! I so we wish we would be able to see all of you this next weekend in GB! Bummer! I want to snuggle that cutie patootie Charlie! And I think Jack and Maria would get a long great!

    Thanks so much for all your nice comments on my blog! I honestly was not into any sort of crafting or blogging when I lived in Hudson. I just recently got into this whole new world recently…and it has been super fun!!! I just bought a sewing machine, yikes! I am super excited about it, but very nervous as well! We will see!!

    My mom was here last week and I made two of your recipes for her…the Slow Cooker Thai Ribs and the Cherry-Rhubarb dessert…yummo! She LOVED them!

    Thanks again for all your comments…they are super sweet! I need to get better as responding!

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