Couldn’t Have Planned It Better

So as our week started, we were prepared for some juggling since our daycare was closed.  Grandpa & Grandma were lined up to take the first couple days and then we had Thursday with a friend, and I was going to take a couple days off and had play dates scheduled.

Monday went as planned until we got home and realized that Maria had a fever (102.4!!)  A fairly quick visit to Urgent Care revealed sores in her mouth.  The Hand-Foot-Mouth virus Again!! but only in her mouth!  Luckily the virus did not scare Grandpa & Grandma off, so they stuck around through Tuesday to help.  But we weren’t ready to expose our friends, so we switched around our schedules a little so Chad stayed home today and I was home Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday was good. Maria’s fever was definitely better and was gone by evening. We ran a couple easy errands. Both kids were good and napped. Nice day!

Thursday Maria was feeling better and not sure if that was a good thing!  She was definitely 3!  Before 7 am, she lost her TV and Candyland privileges.  These are big things to her and unfortunately maybe contributed to just more naughtiness throughout the day.  She did settle down in the morning with the promise of an picnic lunch & concert at our nearby wading pool/park!  But immediately started screaming when I announced it was time to leave (even though I warned her with 5, 3, 2 & 1 minutes left)  She finally napped late afternoon and was pretty good the rest of the day.  But it was tough.  Reminder that I don’t think I’m cut out to stay at home!

We also visited 2 preschools on Thursday (rescheduled from Friday)  We want to give her some structured learning activities since she seems to really really want to learn.  Both schools were good and very comparable in cost, but Maria definitely talks about one more than the other, and we think if all things are even her opinion should definitely count in this issue!

Not much else going on… Our summer is going by sooo fast. I’m hoping to have some time off the end of August.  More on that later! 🙂  I know the suspense is killing you!!

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