Another Big Change

So another big change on the horizon for our family.  I accepted a new job today to start the end of the month.

Looking forward to working for a large Minnesota based retailer!  One that I worked at previously as a contractor and will now be a full-time team member.. Time to invest in some red & khaki!

I have been struggling with which direction to take in my career.  I knew if I want to make the next big step and get some serious experience doing IT business analysis, that I’d probably make the leap into 40 hour weeks and a bigger company.  Consulting wasn’t getting me to the next big place in my career, and the flexibility was limited, therefore not being completely flexible.  I did consider a job that would pay well with good benefits and could probably be as little as 25 hours a week, but the JOB sounded a bit boring and would not help me move ahead in my career.  I know family is more important than career, but there is also that saying “happy momma makes everyone happy”  and if I didn’t like what I was doing 3 days a week, I know it would catch up with me elsewhere… Plus working 40 hours means hopefully splurging on things that will make life more enjoyable… (I’m thinking groceries delivered to my door and a house cleaner!)

So I did it, and I’m excited.  12 days left of consulting then a week off, before plunging into the world of bullseyes, red & khaki!

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