Our Soccer Star is Growing Up

Maria has been playing soccer with other 3 year olds! Since they are only 3 it is only 5 weeks every Thursday evening. They start off with about 20 minutes of drills and then about a 20 minute game. Very cute! She does well with the drills, but can’t figure out why the other kids don’t share during the game! But even if the ball comes straight to her, she knows it’s usually followed by a pack of kids so she usually puts her hands behind her back and backs off or just stands there until the commotion passes!

But it’s cute, and she’s learning! And she is always excited to go! I think she just likes the socialization of it! I love when I see her (during a game) animatedly telling her coach something. It’s probably something like “My brother Charlie cries a lot!” or “I’m not shy anymore.”

She is definitely not a toddler anymore and just a little girl! And I love her to pieces!

Last week we visited preschools and she is so excited. I know she will be a bit apprehensive when it starts, but she will thrive! She knows her ABC’s, can count to 20, does simple addition using her fingers, knows about 100 songs, can tell you what letter different words starts with and knows her days of the week (most of the time). We think preschool is going to keep challenging her more than her current daycare. She will only go 2 days a week (the whole day) and then be with Charlie the other days.

I told Chad last month it was the beginning of an era! Soccer schedules and school shoes!!

Future Star!

More Soccer Pictures

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