Worn Out from the Weekend

My crazy weekend…


Chad was up early and left me home for the weekend with 2 kids. Kids were up at 6:45… I think I knew at that point it could be a long weekend! Started the day (after Dora and breakfast) with swim lessons. Then naps. Then we met Sarah & Lilah at Central Park in Woodbury for some air conditioned play! Afterward, we stopped for noodles at Noodles. Then off to meet Chad’s brother’s family. We headed out to ice cream in downtown Stillwater. Fun! We hadn’t seen Lilah or the cousins since the 4th of July!

On the way home, I got a call from an outlying area code. Actually the area code of 2 of my aunts who weren’t home, but in South Dakota with my parents and brother’s family. So I answered it. It was my sister-in-law calling to tell me that my mom was in the hospital. (she was using my aunt’s phone because apparently ATT doesn’t cover South Dakota!) My mom was admitted for a couple days due to dehydration from getting sick while they were out there. A little stressful to worry about this, but then on top of it, they were all staying in a hunting lodge without a phone too.. so really they could call with news, but I couldn’t call them.

Got home, Charlie woke up (he had fallen asleep in the car). Got Maria in bed. Tried to get Charlie in bed. Finally got him down and then it started. About every 70 minutes he was up SCREAMING! And screamed every time I tried to put him down. Finally around 3 we tried the swing. That worked for almost 2 hours. Then we slept in the recliner. And then I tried putting him down and he screamed again. By this time we just got up!


Once Maria was up, we went to Urgent Care. Guess who smiled and giggled for the nurses! Charlie. Yep. Everything checked out OK! OK.. so now I have a healthy baby and a 3 year old, and I’m exhausted. What’s the best way to distract a 3 year old? New Toys and Dora! So we went to Target where Maria got her first set of Duplos! and a new Dora Movie. When I asked her what she was going to play with first: “I think I will play with my Legos in the kitchen while I watch Dora”. “OK!” We got home. I got a short nap (so did Charlie) and then we were up again. I decided we were up I might as well cook a big pot of spaghetti sauce since we were at home and it could just simmer. Both kids went down for a nap after lunch. Charlie in his crib with mattress elevated on one side! I looked up the number to the hospital and called. Talked to my mom most of the time the kids were sleeping. She was recovering nicely with lots of IVs! and only had to stay one more day.

Maria woke up. I informed her that she was going to the park with her friends (thanks to my wonderful friend who offered to take her with them!) She was Excited and sat on the stairs and waited for them. Even took a snack outside on the front step, because she was so excited!

Charlie woke up. Not happy. Just fussy. I tried to keep him happy while I picked up the house for the cleaners coming today. It was hard. But at least Maria was off happy with her friends and getting tired out!

After dinner (Maria ate 2 helpings!), both kids got baths, Charlie went down pretty well, but didn’t take a bottle. Maria and I settled in to watch the big premiere of Dora’s Birthday Adventure on Nick Jr. Charlie started to cry. Took the rest of the bottle and then fussed… oh no… long night ahead? Then I realized he was GNAWING on his pacifier. 2 teething tablets later, he was asleep until 3:30 am!

Maria went straight to bed after Dora without too much of a fuss. And then I had to continue cleaning. I think I was in bed by 11 after washing dishes and completely picking up the WHOLE house. But happy, because after picking up I realized how DIRTY the house was. And right now as I type this, it is being cleaned… 🙂 going home to a clean house today… awesome… Oh, and Chad will be home too. And we’re eating leftover spaghetti, so dinner should be easy too… easy in 2 respects, 1) it’s already made and 2) the 3 year old won’t complain about spaghetti!

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