You Looking For Me?

I am still here. The illness in our house had not dragged me completely down! We have all recovered from hand-foot-mouth, stomach flu and chicken pox. Each person got his/her own illness (as stated in previous post) and kept it to him/herself.
Although this weekend, Maria did get the flu. Achy, fever. Threw up twice. Laid in bed and watched Diego for several hours and napped. Poor girl, but it is now just a cold for her and a cold for me. I actually worked from home today to avoid blowing my nose through meetings and bus rides. Yuk. Unfortunately these 2 September weekends of illnesses sidelined us from TWO birthday parties.

We already had a make-up party for my niece Elizabeth, but now must schedule a make-up party for Jana. It has been a crazy September, because besides illness, Maria started preschool and Sunday school! And another session of swimming lessons! AND Chad and I finally hired a babysitter! Just for one night, so we could attend a new member meeting at our church. But it was good! And now we can make plans to go out again soon! Yay!

This is really all I have time for. I am going to go pick up my kids and try to take some pictures of them, because along with the illness, came some ignoring of the camera…

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