After a long week, we had a great weekend!

Friday evening we made pizza when we got home and I chilled out with the kids while Chad went out with some guys. It was actually pretty uneventful after we had sleeping issues with both kids all week!

Saturday we were up and did a 5K in memory of a good friend’s dad. The rain managed to hold off while Chad & I walked it with Charlie in the stroller. We did the whole 5K and did not find a cut like many friends! 🙂 And Maria hung out at the park (start & finish line) with her cousins and grandparents. The afternoon, Maria and I ran some errands after everyone napped!

Sunday, we were up early for church and Sunday School, which Maria loves because she knows it’s only an hour away and she has a new friend in her class. (“it’s a short day, Mommy”). After Sunday School, the kids and I picked up Karin and headed to the apple orchard while Chad stayed home and watched football. He did get out of it, but he is also in the midst of the yucky cold that all of us had and the rest of us are finally getting over! We had a lot of fun at the orchard, even though we weren’t sure if Maria was going to be able to tough it out! Luckily her stamina was quickly restored with a hotdog and caramel apple! Oh, and a very very patient friend! (Thanks, Karin!)

Some pictures for you!

Making Pizza

Making Pizza

Maria & Charlie

She just adores her brother! (the feeling is mutual!)

Charlie in his Gopher Gear

Go Gophers!

Apple Orchard

Mmmmm… Drippy Caramel Apple!

Apple Orchard

Fresh Picked Apple!

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