Counting Again

I finally have no excuses. I tried doing Weight Watcher’s when I was on maternity leave, but then decided I wasn’t ready. And that not sleeping through the night was a good enough excuse.

And since it appears that I may never sleep through the night again, AND they have meetings at work AND my company will pay for half of it, I signed back on.

So, I have been eating vegetables like crazy. I think it’s good for me! Don’t tell anyone! AND my new Pampered Chef find is going to be a big help, especially since my friend Sarah has the patience to finely chop salads and introduced us to the salad that you can drink!

I cheat and use my new Pampered Chef Salad Chopper. So sweet! Just put everything in a bowl and cut it all up into nice little pieces!

I am only 4 days into this counting stuff and finding I do have pretty good self constraint when I need to (and when feeling accountable!) I think what I’m going to do differently this time is not go out of my way to plan all my meals around low calorie options, but to really watch portions and keep it real with eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking water.

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