Keeping my head above water!

November has proven to be a busy one… are you sensing a recurring theme?

Charlie’s ear infection resurged the first week of the month. Sending us to Urgent Care the first Friday of the month. Then this past week, Maria threw up on Wednesday and was miserable. Friday she woke up with her eyes stuck shut. Doctor later determined she had a double ear infection and both eyes infected as well. She is a trooper.

Last weekend, I snuck out on Saturday night to celebrate my birthday with some girl friends! Good time! Yesterday I spent with Sarah doing the Hudson Christmas Tour of Homes. An annual day out and fun!

We also managed to sneak in a nice visit to the Children’s Museum earlier this month, and a snow storm! Oh, and Charlie started crawling last Tuesday!! TOtally changed our world. He is into EVERYTHING!! So different than Maria! Also started to pull himself up on to things and is also taking some face plants due to trying some stunts!

Today we were at home this morning due to crazy icy-ness outside. Maria was totally bummed to miss Sunday School. I did get out to Target this afternoon to get the stuff I need for Thanksgiving. I left when the Packers were up 24-3. Decided to let Chad sulk on his own. And I really wanted to get my shopping done to avoid the stores the rest of the week! Tomorrow I am taking the day off. Carpets are getting cleaned and I was hoping to do some cleaning and shopping on my own, but now daycare is closed, so I am hanging out with the kiddos once again!

Here are some pictures from our month so far…

Park in November

Park in November

Sibling Fun

First Snow!

First Snow!

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