Staying Healthy

That is all I am trying to do these days. I am not ignoring this poor blog out of spite. I am ignoring it due to really concentrating on staying healthy.

Poor Maria threw up on the 17th. And on the 19th, had 2 infected ears and 2 infected eyes!

All healthy by Thanksgiving, which we hosted so kept us busy getting ready!

After Thanksgiving naps, I woke up with a cold. Managed to fight it off for a few days, but it turned to pink eye on Tuesday and I am now on antibiotics and eye drops. Meanwhile, poor Maria threw up again today at preschool! And Charlie is the last kid not to get a stomach bug at daycare, but not sure if we’re lucky yet, because he did manage to get ahold of the 2nd to last kid to get sick’s sippy cup just a few short hours before that kid threw up during nap. Yikes!

Could be a long weekend for us! Have I mentioned that I haven’t been to work since before Thanksgiving?

So not ignoring any of you. Just working on staying healthy!

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