See Jane Disappear

Yikes, I didn’t mean to be gone this long. But then I got behind on uploading pictures (Christmas and New Year’s are uploading as I type). So can’t share Christmas without pictures!

It was busy, but fairly uneventful. We were healthy through the holidays, and when I say through, I mean Charlie’s fever broke around noon on Christmas Eve. And he was feeling better for the festivities. Maria did fall out of bed Christmas Eve, and had a nice bruise on her forehead and cut lip for Christmas Day, but that didn’t slow her down from celebrating!

It was a very nice Christmas. We snuck in a date night between Christmas and New Year’s (dinner and the movie True Grit, which was excellent). New Year’s Day we spent at the Children’s Museum with Chad’s brother’s family.

New Year’s weekend also though brought some water. First an ice dam backed up the water flow on our roof and it diverted itself down the kitchen exhaust pipe. Luckily we caught it early and were able to get snow removed and hopefully will keep the snow from melting in the rest of the year. The next day though we noticed warped hardwood in our kitchen. It took us a while to figure out it was from a leaky dishwasher.

So last weekend was ordering a new dishwasher, taking Charlie to Urgent Care (another ear infection) and cousin Luke’s birthday party (pictures still to come off the camera). Monday was taking Charlie back to the doctor. His ears were worse and he still had a fever! A new antibiotic. Today Charlie’s fever was gone and he was much more back to himself. I worked a little from home and the dishwasher was installed. Busy busy!

Oh, and Maria started gymnastics last week! She LOVES it! She is not shy and not scared to try things and takes the constructive advice and applies it as she masters these new skills! So proud of her!

I will post Christmas pictures soon (and a new recipe, before I forget!)

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