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Maria was sick much of the last week.  So sick of my kids being sick. She had double ear infection, swollen tonsils and a sinus infection. She was feverish for about 3 days too.  Ugh… So far so good for Charlie.  We are sick of being sick!

Last weekend we celebrated Lilah’s 3rd birthday on Saturday, and on Sunday we celebrated both of Chad’s parents birthdays.  Lots and lots of cake!  This weekend we spent much of the day at home. But we all got outside to play in the snow this morning (and Chad re-attached the flag to the mailbox!)

A few pictures…

Grandpa & Grandma M's Birthdays

Grandpa & Grandma M's Birthdays
(black eye was from a friend at daycare who retaliated when Maria threw a toy at her.  Only Maria missed, and Lily connected with a Weeble Wobble!)

Snow Time

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