Happy for February

Wow, February already. January went fast. But I fine with that! It wasn’t a great month. Charlie was sick twice and Maria was really sick once for a grand total of 5 doctor appts (one of which was for both kids so we’ll be billed for 6!) and 4 prescriptions for antibiotics! Yuk!

January also revealed the need for a new dishwasher (leaked and warped our hardwood floor) and a new door (it warped and won’t open… Still waiting to see if warranty will cover it).

Sigh.. I am exhausted. Although with all this happening I have been reminded to count my blessings as a close friend found out she has cancer. Which totally sucks considering she is expecting a baby this summer.. So it isn’t just a matter of throwing herself into treatment.

I know I am blessed and my friend is too. Definitely being challenged to keep things in perspective and to be thankful in all circumstances even for the fleas.

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