One!  Charlie is One!  We survived the first year, and as much as I love my little babies, I love the toddler age!  And we are close to toddling!  Although, for Charlie, he wants to be quick, and right now crawling is much quicker than trying to walk.  So he’s still crawling, but also CLIMBING… Say a prayer for all of us as he climbs!  last week, he pushed an upside down plastic bin over to the railing and started to climb up on it.  This is the railing that looks down over the stairs. YIKES!!! His new favorite place is to climb up the stool to Maria’s bed and wave at himself in her dresser mirror!

oh, yes, the purpose of this post.. besides prayers, was really to post the pictures of his birthday!  Friday we spent as a family at the Children’s Museum. And yesterday was the party (thankfully planned on the non-snowstorm day of the weekend!)



Monkey Cake

His Favorite Box

First Cake!!

First Cake!!

More Pictures of Charlie’s First Birthday

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