How do I get so behind?!

Spring was here. Yesterday it felt more like fall.  We have been outside a little bit. And anticipate more outside time soon, as we are getting this installed in  our backyard in a couple weeks!  We haven’t told Maria we bought this yet, but she was with us when we went looking.  Charlie too. He was excited too, as he climbed to the top of a tall ladder (probably close to 6′) when we turned our heads for literally a minute! Yikes!

Outside! It's Spring!

Outside! It's Spring!

The week before Easter, Maria had a spring concert at church. It was very cute. I need to get the video from Lisa (whose daughters were in the concert too) and then I will post it.

Easter weekend was great fun too. We hosted Chad’s parents, his brother’s family and my parents.  The weather was gorgeous and with lots of good food, it was a great day! Although my pictures could have turned out a bit better. Oh well..



Although I love this one – dinner after the guests left…

Jam Sandwich

And then right before bed… maybe a bit too much sugar?

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