Crying it out

As fast as the last 14 months have gone, it is not because I have slept them away! With less than 5 nights of sleeping through the night, Sunday night probably “woke” me up to the problem we were having.

Sunday night I lost track of how many times I got up. I believe it was not less than 10. I worked from home on Monday because I was a walking zombie. Tuesday night wasn’t much better.  

I hadn’t pushed the issue earlier. Not before Charlie developed an attitude, a mild temper or the bad habits of wanting mommy. I don’t think I knew how to deal with it. (Maria slept through the night at 12 weeks. Thanks thumb!) And I didn’t know how much was the habit of getting up or Charlie being uncomfortable due to the ear infection plague this winter. Tubes helped make him more comfortable but the bad habits were already established. Habits. Plural. His and mine. It seemed easier to get up make a bottle, change his diaper and rock him than to listen to him cry and worry about waking his sister in the room next door.

Yesterday I did something I am not good at. I asked for help. In the form of advice from a Mommy online discussion board at work. I got it. Now I was not alone. Sure I already knew friends who dealt with this issue. But sometimes it is easier to take a push from an unfamiliar person. Strange but true for me.

Then on the advice of a friend I took Charlie to get his ears checked. Just to be sure. And our pediatrician, who I adore, and who was unavailable for most of Charlie’s ear infections and 12 month wellness appointment laid it out for me. (She also confirmed his ears were clear.)

He’s reached the separation anxiety stage. (big time!). He wakes up he wants to know I am there. So I just needed to go in and remind him “Yes, I am here.”  It was good for me to hear this (even though I can now expect a doctor bill), because I know me. I would have found an excuse.  His stuffy nose or the fact that his 5th tooth just poked through.  But there it was. I trust my doctor. 

Now I don’t know why I didn’t remember to turn on the monitor last night. But I didn’t. So when I heard him crying at 3:40 this morning I just jumped out of bed not knowing how long he had been crying and made him a bottle. But before I got back to his room, I decided to not take it in. Never let him see it and just lay him back down with a pacifier.

He cried for 20 minutes after that. Then I went back in and gave him his “loveys” which he had thrown on the floor. (I blame his daddy for that temper) Laid him back down and went back to bed. He cried for 7 minutes.

Thirty minutes later he was crying again. Repeat. Cried for less than 15 minutes. One more time 30 minutes later with crying less than 5 minutes. He was asleep when I left this morning.

I am nervous for tonight. Could be worse. But hopefully better. Stay tuned…

One thought on “Crying it out

  1. Jane…I experienced the CIO method with both my boys! It’s hard…excruciatingly hard, but definitely worth it! You can do it…You can do it!!

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