Embracing Sleep

Last night was not a normal evening. I could tell both kids were tired when I picked them up. They had been outside much of the afternoon. Fresh air is good!

Charlie got fussy after dinner and he was apparently tired enough that he didn’t even mind me cutting his bath short. I believe he was in bed by 6:15.

At 6:30, Chad and I were sitting in the living room playing Words with Friends on our phones. (Great game, send me a note if you want to play) I decided Maria was being awfully quiet in her room. Poor girl was sound asleep on her bed. Dirty feet and face, unbrushed teeth and all. We let her sleep. She woke up around 10:30 for a snack and to put on her pajamas but wanted to go straight back to bed after that.

Last night was also Night #2 of crying it out. (CIO). No idea there was an acronym for this but there is. It’s a mom-thing.

Charlie work up twice 12:40 and 1:30. Both times I “re-Nuk”ed. The first time he cried for less than 5 minutes. The second before I even shut his door. And again he was fast asleep when I left this morning.

Progress! We have progress! Glad he is catching on so quickly! My smart kid!! Here’s to night #3 and to embracing the sleeping process a little more!

One thought on “Embracing Sleep

  1. Jane – Thanks for posting this as I see it in my future. I could have written this (except for the 2nd child part hehe). But I keep telling myself that she isn’t sleeping through the night because it’s her teeth etc etc…I don’t actually expect her to sleep through the night (STTN) since she is Breastfeeding still, but I know that we could probably do our own version of CIO and get through with only one waking and not the three that we are doing. Although right now she is teething.

    We had a breakthrough last night – she slept on her tummy! GASP! I know, But she has gotten to the age where she can roll that way anyway, I was a bit worried as this was the first time, but it made her sleep for 4 hours not on her boppy and not in her car seat and not screaming her head off 🙂 I hope tonight goes better for you! I maybe talking to you in a month or two to get through this myself.

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