Mother’s Day

Last night Charlie slept through the night! Happy Mother’s Day to me!  I still woke up tired.  Not sure why, but I did. And I was crabby. I think the whole idea of Mother’s Day just reminded me how much work being a Mother is. Even though there was this whole day to celebrate “me” and this role, I didn’t get a break from it to celebrate. Kids still need to be fed. Groceries still need to be bought (with kids, because the lawn still needs to be mowed!)

But after taking 2 kids to Target, I was feeling better prepared for the day.  We came home, Chad grilled burgers for lunch.  Charlie napped for almost 3 hours.  Maria fell asleep watching a movie. I took a nap, then headed to Menards to buy mulch. And then I put out 25 bags of mulch in the rain.  I don’t know why, but it made me happy.  After coming in from the rain, I tried to teach Maria some games on the Wii (MarioKart and golf)  She needs some more practice, but it was still fun to see her so excited, even though she kept coming in last!

Dinner we had sloppy joes and sweet corn.  Followed by hopscotch in the driveway.  All in all a fairly good day until bedtime.  Maria’s bedtime that is.  Now looking forward to a week without TV or the CD player, as privileges were lost with bad behavior.

At least much of the day was good…

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