I Fight. I Write.

So I have this pretty amazing friend. Mom of 2 young girls.  Self-Employed (Independent Contractor – meaning she has to find her own work every couple months).  Who found out she was pregnant with #3 in December, and then days later found out she had cancer.  Yeah, that sucks!

So while she was growing that little baby in her tummy and watching that cancer (praying that it doesn’t spread too fast), she started another project. It’s called “I Fight. I Write.”  and it is all about creating custom journals for other cancer patients. The idea is, the day they get a diagnosis, the nurses at these cancer clinics can give the patients a journal to go home and start documenting their journey.  Awesome, huh?!  Her goal 100 by the time she starts treatment. She’s got a ways to go, but is getting help.

The I Fight I Write Facebook page if you’re interested…  And if you want to help, I’d be happy to give you the specs on the journal covers. She got the actual books donated from Russell+Hazel along with some other materials, but still needs help getting covers made to go inside the books.

Here are the 2 sets of covers that I did this weekend:
I Fight. I Write.

I Fight. I Write.

Bonus with making these this weekend, was I got to play with my new Silhouette SD (a Mother’s Day gift to myself!)

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