Figured Out

The stuff Charlie has figured out is amazing!  Considering he says like 7 words total, and only one regularly (no not “Mama”, after all he’s all boy-his word is “Ba-ll” and yes – two syllables)

Last week, Charlie was playing with his cousin’s toy laptop and walked away. Chad gently reminded him that he should come back and turn the laptop off and put it away.  Charlie walked back, pushed one button which turned it off and then shut the top.

Today, we were heading into Costco. Charlie and Maria were loaded in the cart in the parking lot and while I pushed them in, I opened my wallet to get out my Costco card and Charlie grabbed a receipt from my wallet and then held it out for the man who was checking cards as we walked in.  Pretty impressive that he knew we were at the store where he hands a guy at the door a piece of paper! He just didn’t realize it was only going out that they check receipts.

Yeah, the kid is pretty smart!  Just wish he’d talk more – “use your words, Charlie” is a common phrase in our house.

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