Maria’s New Do

(Some of this is old news, but I still want to capture it on my blog for my future self and for those of you who may not have heard or seen on facebook)

Maria has been growing out her hair since last fall. Since she started preschool. Since she wanted ONE ponytail in the back of her head like Maddie.  So we grew it.  Bangs and all.   But then Charlie started to pull it.  On purpose.  So when Jamie (Maria’s hairdresser) offered to cut it for her as a part of a project for her ongoing training, Maria agreed.  Maria wanted short.  (I was excited, thinking cute little wedge in the back. A good summer cut. Maybe some better hair days when her dad gets her ready. Her dad… not so much. He loves the girly girl in his daughter.)

Yay, it’s cut. And this is the only picture I have of the first cut… yes, you read that correctly. The first June haircut…  the bangs were grown out to match the front, and the back was wedged nicely…
Andrew's 11th Birthday Party

Roughly 9 days after this haircut, Maria had some scissors and decided she didn’t want to wear a barrette to keep her hair out of her face.  Bangs were in order…
New Bangs

This is right after I picked her up at daycare….

Turns out it’s fine. Daddy lost his girly-girl, but except for some un-eveness that Jamie couldn’t fix without major alterations, it looks pretty cute. Pixie bangs… And she has learned. “Who cuts your hair?” “Jamie!”

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