Luther Park 2011

We just got back from our annual Family Camp week at Luther Park!  With some minor disruptions to the week, we did have a pretty great time.

First the snags:

1. Maria not wanting to nap or go to bed the night we convinced her to nap.  Solution: Let her go till she drops and bending the rules for vacation.  Swimming all afternoon without a nap, mostly ensures an easy bedtime. Cousins, an aunt & an uncle who helped us manage one who naps and one who doesn’t.
2. Chad’s motorcycle (which he drove there – 2 hours from home) not starting. Solution: Cycle mechanic in Rice Lake who let him borrow a trailer and hitch.
3. Charlie’s Croup (Virus) – Solution: Pediatrician friend who was at camp with her family. She called in a prescription for steroids and saved us a visit to Urgent Care during the week.

But the great parts:

1. Lots of family time!
2. Lots of friends at camp this year (8 people from the staff of 1995!)
3. Lots of pool time and fun outside activities! Maria’s favorite part was jumping off the diving board!
4. Seeing Maria and Charlie dance and sing and worship!
5. A setting where everyone watches out for each others kids. Where else could you leave a couple of 4 year olds to play in the sand or on the playset while you literally go back to your room or other part of camp?

Playing Fairies

On the Basketball Court

All the Grandkids

Pool Time with Daddy

More Pictures

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