Recipe Collection

I am good at trying recipes. Good at documenting them and pretty good about documenting them on my blog, but have been looking for a way to get them printed. I hate writing them out on cards. I’d rather print them off so I can read them.  But then I end up with sheets of paper and printing them every time I make them. Plus I have a bunch of ones that I am finally admitting are not going to be made again (or ever)…

So now I am taking my favorites and converting them to cute printable 4×6 photo-sized cards.  I had them developed and stuck them in a little 4×6 pocket photo album. Perfect.

Here are a few…

Rosemary Ranch Chicken Kabobs


Sweet Restaurant Slaw

Here’s the link to all the one’s I’ve finished. Feel free to borrow or share. I will be adding more out here too… not done with all my recipes…

One thought on “Recipe Collection

  1. Nice! I’ve started a looseleaf notebook with recipes I’ve printed, either from the ‘net or from my MasterCook software. I put the recipes in plastic page protectors & file them by category between “tabbed” pages. I usually take the one I am using out of the binder & re-file when done. Works for me!

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