A Cousin Day

Saturday was a busy day!  Chad was off with his Dad, brother & cousin for an annual golf scramble.  And the wives and cousins and grandma had our own fun-filled day.  And then I may have gone a little overboard and extended it with more cousins!

We started off at cousin Jana’s soccer game.  Then lunch at Perkins – 6 kids and 4 adults.  It actually went quite smoothly. The kids sat at one end of the table with Grandma, and the 3 mom’s sat at the other end! Nice!  We returned home to the cousin’s house, but Charlie was not ready to nap, so we just went to the pumpkin patch!  We fed goats, checked out some tractors, went on a hayride, picked out our pumpkins and had some mini-donuts!  A great day!

I was feeling brave after we left, and I called my other sister-in-law who was en route to the Nature Center.  Charlie napped for those 10 minutes in the car and then we took 5 kids on an enjoyable hike!  The kids saw a deer and we all saw a beaver and got some more cousin time! Tears were only shed when it was time to leave.

Somehow neither kid slept in the car on the way home. As you can imagine, bedtime was easy!

All Aboard!

Grandma & her Kids

My LIttle Pumpkins

Nature Center

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