My Happiness Project- Chapter 1

I blogged last month about the book the Happiness Project. I enjoyed the book and it was filled with lots of good ideas for self fulfillment and improvement. But it was a lot to consume in a short amount of time. So yesterday I starred over with the intention of reading a chapter at a time with the intention of applying some of that to my life for a month (or so) before reading on.

So from the introduction and chapter 1, here is what I am taking away:

  • make myself a priority
  • my gut instinct is pretty good. Don’t agonize over small decisionstaking risks is good. Allowing yourself to fail will allow myself to take risks
  • perfection shouldn’t always be the goal. I.e.Wiping the bathroom counter with a clorox wipe may be a better decision than trying to find time to “properly clean”
  • I don’t have the bandwidth for a massive overhaul of my habits so starting small and incorporating into my existing daily life.
  • this isn’t purely selfish, people enjoy being around happy people.
  • establish higher energy : get more sleep and find ways/time to exercise
  • clean out clutter : tackle nagging tasks and take small steps to literally clean out clutter.


There you have it. I hope I can follow through now… Wish me luck.

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