Working it Out

Finding time these days is tough.  Especially time, I can commit to a regular workout schedule.  We have belonged to the YMCA since Charlie was a baby, but I’ve really only used it for Maria’s swimming lessons and the occasional workout.

Weeknights are hard, because either the kids spend the time they should be with us in the childcare.  Or I’m working out late at night when I should be getting ready for bed. And I also have the guilt of having Chad be responsible for both kids bedtimes.  But now I figured out a way to give him some time he wanted and get the time I wanted.  Saturday mornings at Kids Stuff!

So I go twice a week. One evening and then Saturday mornings.  Saturday mornings, I take the kids to Kids Stuff and he gets to sleep in… aka “Daddy Time”.   I am not doing any extensive cardio, but instead doing some brain-settling yoga type stuff.  Yoga Fitness & BodyFlow.  I love love love BodyFlow!  I think if I can get these incorporated regularly  in my routine too, I may cut out visits to my chiropractor!

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