Kid Stories

Yesterday Maria was writing names on a piece of paper. I don’t know that she knew how to spell what she was writing, but she was writing.  And then she asked me if I knew how to spell “Kelly” and “Ripa”.  I asked her how she knew Kelly Ripa and she told me she is on after breakfast at daycare. I then asked her if she liked Regis.  “No Mom. He’s a Boy!”  She did later tell me that he’s leaving the show.  Nothing gets by her!

Tonight we got a glimpse of life with a boy and a girl.  Maria had 3 random stickers on her shirt.  Once Charlie realized, he took off after her and tried to pin her down several times to get them. Once he got one, he stood up and took off running.  She of course gave chase.  Oh the fun, and we’re just getting started!

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