Why I Blog…

So I started blogging quite a while before I had kids. It was when I had time to read blogs and it was the newest thing to do online.

I started off sharing the things I love to do in my spare time… Cooking, crafty stuff, opinions on TV shows… All good stuff in my pre-mom world.

Now that stuff is not my priority.. I love being a mom and I still love all the other stuff too. So now my blog promotes some balance in me. It gives me an opportunity to share about my kids because they do provide me with some good writing material. But my blog also reminds me of the stuff I started writing about. That “stuff” helps me keep my head from turning to over-worked Mommy mush.

A new recipe or scrapbook pages require my creative energies. And my blog provides me accountability to that stuff. I may take a break when all that stuff is too much to blog about, but I always remember my ignored blog and come back to it and my non-mommy stuff too.

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