Ditto – Last December

What is it about staying healthy after Thanksgiving and into December? I feel like this is Groundhog’s Day after reading this post from last December 3rd…

Here’s the order of events for this year:

  • After complaining of sore ears for a week on November 10, Maria’s temp went up so we went to the Target Clinic.  Double ear infection.  Ugh.
  • Recheck before Thanksgiving was good, still fluid, but what they would expect when she was on the mend.
  • Thanksgiving was good! We were all healthy. Weather was warm! We walked to the park and the Packers won!
  • Saturday after Thanksgiving, the kids and I started getting colds. I was miserable on Sunday and stayed home from work on Monday.
  • Tuesday the 29th, Chad took the day off for his birthday. Preschool called around 10:30 and Maria had goopy eyes. Chad took her to the doctor.  Pink eye.
  • Daycare was closed on Wednesday the 30th, and with pink eye we couldn’t use the backup daycare, so I stayed home with both kids.
  • That night, Charlie threw up twice.
  • Stayed home with Charlie the next day. Maria complained her ear hurt before preschool, but she wanted to go and no fever, so I let her.
  • Charlie threw up twice again Thursday night…
  • Chad left for Indianapolis (Badger football) on Friday morning.
  • I decided to keep both kids home to avoid exposing the stomach bug to daycare.
  • Maria couldn’t hear anything on Friday morning. I took her to the doctor. Another double ear infection, this time with a recommendation to follow up with the ENT doctor to have her adenoids checked out.
  • Friday night, Charlie didn’t sleep well. and his temp started rising.
  • Saturday morning, back to the doctor. Charlie’s ear was infected.
  • Grandma & Grandpa (Chad’s parents) came over to help out, but left before the snow started falling.
  • Around 6:30, I realized I had the stomach bug.  I cancelled a visit from my friend Karin.  Gave Charlie some advil and got him to bed.  Maria was not in bed and it was coming on fast, so I called my mom, who called Maria back and read her stories over the phone. And my big girl put herself to bed after that! I am so proud of her for helping me like that!
  • I threw up several times… no need for details.
  • Charlie woke up around 4:30. I had to let him cry it out after I couldn’t get him another dose of Advil and spilled the bottle all over in the kitchen. I got back to bed and turned down the monitor.
  • Grandma & Grandma came back the next day.  (hoping they aren’t sick as I type this).
  • Maria was a little out of sorts and Charlie just wanted to rock and his fever was higher than the day before.
  • Maria threw up around 6 pm. Just once as she hadn’t had much to eat and we were only giving her bland food as we figure she was next…
  • I am home again today with both kids.  Maria never threw up again and is ready to go back to preschool. Charlie is still fighting his cold or virus or ear infection and still has a fever.  Hoping it breaks tonight…

Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up!

3 thoughts on “Ditto – Last December

  1. Oh no Jane!!! That sounds just awful!!! I’m so sorry you had all this happen at the same time..what are the chances!?!? Well, I truly hope that you now all have it out of our systems for the rest of the winter!!

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