Taking care of each other

Maria has always loved being the big sister! And Charlie adores her.  When we drop him off at daycare and she is going to preschool, he blows her kisses before getting out of the car. Those days he also is ecstatic to see her when I pick him up.  Aww…  Now that he is getting a little older and I can trust him more with her and he can navigate stairs pretty well, she gets to be the helper. And he loves it when she helps him.

Last night, I ordered pizza before I picked them up.  Unfortunately it was the last day of preschool before Christmas, so the pickup took a little longer than I planned. And the pizza man was right behind us when we pulled into the garage. So I asked Maria to take Charlie in and get his coat and boots off.

When I got inside, not only were they both undressed (with no coats/hats/mittens left on the floor!)  But they were both sitting in their seats at the table waiting for pizza!

I’m guessing hands were not washed, but we’ve got time to work on that!

I love that they are both at an age, where they love being with each other!

Playing together

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