Word Explosion

In the past 2-3 weeks, Charlie’s vocabulary has exploded!   Maria at this age was already an active talker.  Charlie is just a slow talker.. he gets everything else!  He understands a lot, just has never verbalized it, so he is already putting words together to get sentences.  And he is also ennunciating the words he knew better.  About a week ago, he added in the letter “K” sounds to many one syllable words and it is so cute when he says them… 

Here’s a list of words I can remember:

booK, nuK, rocK, pray, on, light on, elmo, dora, um-tucK (dump truck), snaCK, ya-ya (Maria), baTH, duCK,

Other Charlie observations: 

  • if he is excited about something he shouts “Hooray!”. 
  • he loves hugs. And if he is saying goodbye he gives multiple hugs and not just to people. he hugged our Christmas tree goodbye the other day before we packed it up.
  • blows kisses when it is time to go to bed.
  • sleeping through the night fairly consistently (knock on wood and I’d personally like to thank his 4th molar for finally cutting through last week!)
  • will go find his Grover doll, if you ask him where the monster at the end of the book is
  • is adventurous and loves Pump It Up!
  • loves copying his big sister and “rough housing” with her.


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