Hello February!

So maybe it seems like time is going by like crazy, because weather wise it really feels like Spring!  I mean today it seems cold (16 degrees F).  so yes, that is cold, but not relatively for MN for February!

So the last time I wrote we had finally gotten some snow.  Well that snow has gone. A little more came, but now that snow is gone too.  

Maria has also recovered from her tonsilectomy. She is doing well. Even had a cold that did not turn into an ear infection!  And she is sleeping and just generally seems to be feeling well overall.  She is sleeping well. Wondering if we have a growth spurt on our hands. As they say this is likely with her body finally feeling on par!  She is all about writing notes, primarily Love notes “I Love you Mommy”, “I love you Grandpa”.  And also cutting and coloring and taping! 🙂 

Charlie has also grown. The kid is walking around in short pants. Oh and he’s talking a lot more in just the last month. He amazes us.  He loves his dumptruck and will be 2 next week!  We are having a dump truck themed party. If you ask him how old he will be on his birthday, he whispers “ump-tuck”.    ha! 

Will try and add some pictures later tonight (no promises… I’m just saying..)

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