Charlie is 2!

I can’t even believe how fast the last 2 years have gone!  Charlie has gone from this baby boy…

Baby Charlie 020

to this little boy!

New Cars!

More pictures here.  Photography in the midst of entertaining is not my strength…

Charlie at 2 loves cars and trains (choo choos). He loves books, especially books about dump trucks. He loves balls and being outside! Blocks are great fun as he figures out how they fit together. It’s fun to watch him as he solves a “problem”.

He loves his sister and his bum-pas and bum-mas (grandparents). He also loves Elmo and Curious George.

He is also independent and pretty fearless. He does not mind being dropped off at the church nursery or the YMCA kidstuff to play for an hour or so. He jumps right into activities that look fun.

He does not like to sit in the shopping cart but prefers to walk when we’re out. His vocabulary is exploding and it is fun to see how he associates different things from memory.

Although he has his “two year old” moments and part of me fears that his two’s will be more terrible than his big sister’s, we still think he’s pretty great! And looking forward to the times ahead and trying new things as our family of 4 gets more and more “mobile” every day!

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