Storm Central

Right now as I sit here typing this, I’m hoping that a very tired and scared and nervous little girl can fall fast asleep, because the storms are coming again!  We’ve had a LOT of rain that has come with a LOT of thunder and lightening in the last week. And last night it came with some very very strong winds!  (The local news reported 60-80 mph winds)

This means that we are sharing our bed with Maria 3 of the last 4 nights.  It also means that this week we are especially thankful we have a king-sized bed!

I always thought it was funny that Maria wasn’t afraid when she was younger, but I think she is finally at the age where she understands what there is to be afraid of.  Charlie did not even say a word last night when I stole him out of his crib at 4 a.m. to go down to the basement.  His first words came when I stopped rocking him in the recliner downstairs and then he said “Rock, Mama!”  But just kept snuggling.  And went right back down in his crib when the worst was past.  Maria crawled back in our bed until it all stopped and my alarm went off (a mere hour later).

So now that I have been reminded of that, I must sign off and get to bed, because it may be another short night.

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