Green Bay – The Weekend

We spent this past weekend in Green Bay with Chad’s extended family.  It was such a nice weekend once I got past the hassle of planning and coordinating!

The men left very early Friday morning, so they could golf in the afternoon.  (although a storm interrupted that).  And I left with the kids a few hours later.  We met my sister-in-law, niece/nephew, and mother-in-law so we could caravan together.  A quick lunch and a little play time outside of Wausau before arriving in Green Bay early afternoon.  The kids did not need much time to warm up and just started playing. Everyone arrived by dinner and we had a nice evening together, before heading back to the hotel.

The night was long, but oh so short! We had decided to not use the pack-n-play as Charlie is much too long for it and can climb out. We instead ordered some bumpers to put under the sheets and hoped he would be tired and konk out.  NOPE… this kid managed to stay awake until 10:15 both nights. AND got up before 7 both days.  YIKES!

Saturday was a fun-filled day as well. Even on so little sleep. I think we spent about 3 hours at the pool.  Charlie was not a fan of the Puddle-Jumper life jacket I had for him, but soon realized it was better than not going in the pool.  He also learned pretty fast that he could be a “boat” and float with it! 🙂  Maria was a little fish too.  Both had quite the adventure of going down the big waterslide. Maria even went by herself once she got over the initial fear of the size of the slide.  (unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the whole slide, so you can’t see the size of it, but I bet it was about 2 stories?)

Saturday afternoon/night, was more time together as family at Chad’s cousin’s house, including a campfire and including smores!

Sunday was a quick stop to get Maria’s nails painted by Tami and say good-bye and thank you to everyone.  We stopped in Eau Claire to visit my aunt in the hospital and had a quick visit with my parents.  Maria resisted sleep the WHOLE way home!  5+ hours.  Charlie napped twice.  I was not surprised last night at 5:50 when Maria decided it was time to go to bed! And Chad still had to wake her up this morning.

Teeter Totter with Jana
Maria & Jana

Luke & Maria
Luke & Maria

Water Slide
Ellie & Charlie

Water Slide
Annie & Maria

Charlie's first S'more
Charlie’s First Smore

More Green Bay 2012 Pictures

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