Last weekend I had my 20 year high school reunion.  It was fun, although at times a little surreal.   I had a lot of friends in high school, just not a lot of close friends. The people I had classes with and was surrounded by most of the day was not necessarily the people I hung out with on the weekends or went to lunch with.   I am fairly certain I didn’t have many enemies. The reunion was comprised more of the people I did not hang out with outside of school, except for 2 girls and a few guys.

That’s the other thing I realize now after looking through my yearbook and the reunion. I had a lot of guy friends. No wonder my mom was always so curious about me not having a boyfriend, because it’s not like they weren’t calling my house or hanging out with me.  I just wasn’t dating them or not seriously anyway.

It is interesting though how people change and also how people don’t change.  Doesn’t matter though I had fun. Lots of people that I had a lot in common with and also lots of people that I didn’t.  It all helped reinforce that I really love where I’m at in life.

And even though my 20 year reunion seems to really emphasize my age.  (I’m 38 – that’s almost 40!! shhhhh!!!)  it also helped me realize I’m in a really good spot in life and I’m going to dress like I am.  It helps that I ate a lot of salad and ran a lot leading up to the reunion.  It kick started me out of a little frump.  At least for a couple weeks. We’ll see how it all keeps up!  Hopefully I can maintain through Chad’s 20 year reunion next year!

One thought on “Reunion

  1. at my 10 year reunion, I remember doing the same thing. I talked a lot with the people I knew a little, just happened…..more than the ones I hung out with more. It was fun. It is a good eye-opener to realize how lucky you are to be where you are in life.

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