Chad’s plans to golf up north with friends fell through last weekend, so we decided to surprise Maria with her first visit to Valleyfair.  She was so excited,even though she didn’t even know what Valleyfair was!  (It’s an amusement park for those who aren’t from MN)

On the way there, we laughed that we hadn’t been there in so long as it is less than 10 miles from our house!  Chad’s parents stayed home with Charlie, so he got some good grandparent time and we got some good Maria time! We stuck to the rides and didn’t even venture near the water park.  Though Maria did note wet people and wanted to be wet herself, so we spent a good 15-20 minutes standing outside the Wave while she got splashed from the big ride.  Another 1/2″ and she’ll be able to go on it!  (According to Valleyfair height charts,she has grown a whole inch since the end of May)

I think we were both surprised that tickets weren’t still $18 like they were in high school (20 years ago).  So we took it easy on our spending at the park. We were there about 4 hours and then went to Perkins on our way home for dinner.

We all had a good time and I’m fairly certain we’ll be heading back next year and most likely with Charlie too.  We may even have to consider season passes now that we realize how close it is.
Her favorite ride – The Kite Eater
Kite Eater Ride - Her Favorite!

She loved the roller coaster too!
Roller Coaster - her 2nd favorite

Waiting for the splash from The Wave
Getting Wet outside The Wave

Ready to go home
More Pictures Here

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